Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Parenting Lessons Learned with My 2 year Old

This week was rather interesting for me as a parent. I seemed to blink and my son turned a corner in his development and became a full blown toddler. I could spend my time lamenting the fact that my son is now two or I could find a way to laugh about it and learn with him. I am choosing to go with levity and learning as this is the way I want my son to approach life.

A couple parenting lessons were learned this week:

1. Don't ever let your 2 year old see you scrubbing grout, baseboards, or any other nook or cranny with an old toothbrush...2 year olds do not understand that the toothbrush you used was old...

*Note to Self: Go buy a bunch of toothbrushes in bulk on the cheap. You are now going to need them!

2. Similes are not understood by toddlers. Explaining that the dog's bone is like a binky to the dog, therefore leave it alone and don't take it from the dog, will backfire and will only encourage said toddler to put the bone in his own mouth...

*Note to Self: You didn't forget to buy the toothbrushes did you? Also pick up a bulk side box of dog jerky, the dog deserves it and be sure to give him extra love for being awesome with your kid!

3. All chocolate must go up one shelf higher and should be hidden from view...subsequently laughing while scolding your toddler for stealing the chocolate will not send the message intended by the scolding...

*Note to Self: You are going to need the chocolate at nap time so don't make it too hard to get to!

4. Read ahead in the childhood development books, especially if your child develops ahead of schedule, either way you will be there before you know it..!

*Note to Self: Go to the library and get more books on toddler development and behavior!

5. When potty training your toddler be prepared for him to announce to the world what kind of business you just did in the bathroom. He will announce it loudly to anyone and everyone...

*Note to Self:  Repeat the following to yourself (and anyone who gives you a strange look) in these situations: "Don't get embarrassed,  poop and pee identification is vital to potty training success!  He is doing what he should be doing in the potty training process!" OR "He does it to the dog too..!"

6. Watch your words very carefully! Subtlety and sarcasm are lost on toddlers. Toddlers will always say the words you don't want them to say, so watch what you say around them...

*Note to Self: Little ears can't unhear things. Your words are just as important as your actions. You are their example, their foundation, try to only pass on the best of yourself. However, don't be too hard on yourself when you make a mistake. Teach him that it is okay to make mistakes but that you can apologize and do better in the future.

The following video plays the song that helps me to keep my sanity in moments when I want to lose my cool... May we all remember that God is looking down on us and watching us.