Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Fun & Educational Mr. Potato Head...

One of the milestones of learning for a toddler is Body Part Identification. We have been singing songs and we identify parts when we are taking a bath or getting dressed but this didn't seem like it was as much fun as it could be. I started to do a little research and I found an idea that seems like it is a lot of fun- Mr. Potato Head!!!

I found some really awesome links with ideas on how to use Mr. Potato Head in a fun yet educational way. There are many benefits to using Mr. Potato Head when it comes to speech and language development. I am looking forward to our play time!

I also came across a great video created by a Speech Therapist here in CA. I love this video because she is showing me how to play with my son so that I can maximize learning with him. You can find the video here.  

I am really looking forward to our play time!!!

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