Saturday, April 20, 2013

For Mama's Who Sew or those who Sew for Little Ones

While I was waiting for my son to arrive I did a lot to sewing. Now that he has arrived I still do a lot of sewing, only now sewing is more of Mama Therapy. It is a great way for me to relax and it seems we always need something for the house... Here are some projects I have been working on lately. I hope you find them helpful too.

Reverse Applique Onesie

A fellow blogger, Sew Beautiful Blog posted a great Free Reverse Applique Onesie Tutorial on her blog. When I got my new sewing machine I decided to try it out. I strongly recommend that you use stabilizer for this project. I did not use the bird pattern she had but used a printed dinosaur fabric I had in my scraps instead. After it washed the edges of the shirt rolled up and it looked very rustic and cute!

Hanging Towels
My toddler thinks it is funny to run away with my kitchen towels. I remembered the towels my grandma used to have and I realized there was a very good reason for them. I went on an Internet hunt and found  some free sewing projects for hanging kitchen towels. They also make great gifts for a Mama when her toddler starts to walk!

  1. Blogger Mary at Pin. Sew. Press has a very cute hanging towel. I did not put these in my kitchen since my son would love to pull the ribbon and untie the bow but I did make some for my guest bathroom. Here is a link to her Tutorial: Stay-Put Kitchen Towel.  

My Easter Egg Version of the Stay-put Kitchen Towel
2.  At Sewing there is a page that has instructions and links to free hanging towels. The How to sew Your Own Hanging Dish Towel page has a PDF link for the top pattern. I used the second pattern and found that I needed to increase the length of my tail to fit my stove handle. Personally, I would have liked to have a picture on the page, however you can see a picture on the one I created below.

My version of the hanging dish towel.
3. At Embroidery Library Inc. they offer many free patterns for cute projects. Many on the projects feature embroidery since they sell embroidery patterns, however, I leave out the embroidery part and my projects are still cute...They have a free downloadable PDF of their No Slip Dish Towel.  They have several cute ideas on this site so it is worth spending some time exploring this page. This is my favorite version of the hanging dish towel. It was also very quick to make. I make two in 45 minutes.

My version of the No Slip Dish Towel

Nap Time Roll Up Mats
Although my son does not yet need a nap time mat for preschool, my nephew is about to turn three and does. So I went on a hunt for free patterns. My nephew is into dinosaurs so I wanted to give him a mat that was personal. Here are two free patterns for Roll Up mats. I am currently in the process of making one by combining the two patterns and adding a few of my own twists to it. I will post pictures and feedback later...after my nephew had received the gift..!

1. At Prudent Baby you can find the DIY Nap Mat/Bed Roll. This pattern had far too much bias tape for me so I continued my search. I really only used this pattern for the pillow insert idea.

2. At Sew 4 Home they have a different version of the same thing but they call it the Cozy Kid's Roll-Up Nap Blanket. I liked that it has a pillow insert and that there is less bias tape.  I liked the directions on this one the best. It was very helpful and well written. I made my mat a little wider. I also did not seal the top of the mat but put Velcro on the top instead so that I could remove the pillow I made for washing. You could also stash a book in top with the pillow too!  

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