Thursday, January 10, 2013

DIY: Maternity Wear Round Up

So I am not pregnant but someone very close to me is and she is having a hard time finding maternity I started doing to research on how to make your own maternity clothes. I think this will come in handy when I decide to have my next child. 

You have to know how to sew or know someone who knows how to sew in order for these links to help. The links below can be helpful if you want to re-purpose or refashion clothes or if you are a hard to fit person. These are instructions that I think are the best and offer practical clothing options.You could save a lot of money if you can make your own maternity clothes. You might also like what you are wearing better too!

Blogs or Websites with links to instructions

1. Make Baby Stuff. Com: Free Maternity Clothes Patterns
2. All Free How to make Maternity Clothes * you have to give you email to register for the site but it is free...
3. Wrap Skirts Are Awesome: Pregnancy Wrap Skirt 
4. How to Alter a Sewing Pattern: To make a Maternity Top
5. Old Jeans to Maternity Skirt: An old t-shirt and an old pair of jeans
6. DYI Maternity Clothes: Refashion tops and bottoms
7. Bubble Shirt: Very comfy, lots of room for the belly
8. Men's Button Down Shirt Re-purposed: Sleeveless Maternity Top
9. Men's Button Down Shirt Re-Purposed:  Maternity Peasant Top 
10. Man's T-Shirt Altered into Maternity T-Shirt: Free Tutorial at Little Birdie Secrets  

Sewing Patterns

1. Simplicity Patterns*: Maternity Wear
2. Burda Style: For Mother to Be 5 New Patterns
3. Megan Neilson: Maternity patterns are toward the bottom of the page
4. Vogue Patterns: Maternity
5. Butterick: Maternity and Suitable for Maternity
6. Kwik Sew by McCall: Maternity and Nursing

*Note: I was recently working on a project for my son and discovered that Simplicity has a customer service number on their patterns. If you have questions about one of their  patterns or sewing project a native English speaker in New York walk you through the pattern and give you sewing advice!!!! Very Awesome!!!