Sunday, October 7, 2012

Educational & Entertaining Activities for Infants & Toddlers

I have been blessed with an active child. He loves to explore and discover. It has become a challenge to find new ways of entertaining him and keeping him challenged. During nap time one day I turned to the Internet for help and found some really great sights that offer lots of ideas. Many of the activities are made with materials you can find around the house or are easy enough to collect cheaply at the dollar store. Some of the ideas only require your time and intentional behavior or speech on your part.

There are some really great ideas out there. It also reminded me that moms have been creating ways to keep kids busy and out of trouble for a long time! I am not the first mom to ask myself "Now what do I do with him?!"

I enjoy exploring the ideas and at times creating my own new activities. As a stay at home mom I have to admit that at times trying these activities simply breaks up the boredom too...

Family Education offers Age Appropriate Play ideas.

Baby Center offers Games & Activities. You can click on your child's age to find a list of activities and play ideas.

Productive Parenting is one of my favorite sites. I do wish that they had pictures posted the activities. In their Activities Library you can find a ton of ideas for you and your child based on their age/development. What I like about this sight is that it tells you what to do, variations on the activity, what skills are being learned, and the learning category for the activity.

When I get the chance I will post some pictures of activities and sensory toys that my son likes...I will have to find the time though because I am busy playing...hehe!

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