Sunday, March 4, 2012

Some Articles to Support Mama's in their Breastfeeding Endeavors

Breastfeeding is not easy. It is uncomfortable, at times painful, time consuming, and socially complicated. In the world that we live in today there is very little respect for a Mama who chooses to breastfeed publicly. There are angry looks, rude comments, and those who will ask you to go somewhere else or cover up. Since breastfeeding is not easy the negative pressure from society does not encourage a Mama to keep on keeping on when times get tough. We are already giving so much up to be Mama's why banish us and isolate us further? I have felt many times since my son was born that because I have chosen to breastfeed I must either stay home, where I can't offend anyone (except my mother-in-law when she comes to visit), rush around like a mad women in the brief time I have between feedings, pump and carry milk around with me along with bottles, or hide in my car (which in southern CA is simply not the safest choice).

Here are some articles I have read that helped me feel supported and comforted when things got difficult and I felt like I didn't have public support. We have to stand firm and continue to nourish our children in the way that is best for them- by breastfeeding them. If we stand together then we are not alone.

Breastfeeding as Worship- a look at the Christian faith 
"What if we, the Church, declared that the act of breastfeeding reveals God's glory?  What if went so far as to say that because it invites communion with the Creator, because it glorifies Him, and because it speaks volumes about the Sustainer of Life, that breastfeeding is a beautiful act of worship . . . an act of worship to be honored, not hidden; an act of worship to be encouraged, not embarrassed of?"

A Practical Solution to Nursing in Public

Celebrate National Breastfeeding Month

Religion and Breastfeeding- a look from the Jewish faith
“Breastfeeding is more than milk,” Padwa says. “It’s a mother’s love in liquid form.” But a careful reading suggests it’s even more—far from immodest, it’s a natural extension of God’s overflowing, nurturing love.

Lactivism and Public Breastfeeding- a look at Victoria Secret and their response to breastfeeding
"Satan hates what is natural and good. He loves what is unnatural and evil. When we look at breastfeeding in this context, it makes perfect sense that our society does not object to public displays of breasts when they are in the context of sexuality. Men love to be able to walk past Victoria’s Secret and to see vivid images of other women displaying their near-perfect bodies. But in the context of something that is natural and good, such as a woman nursing her baby, breasts are somehow repulsive. We have exchanged the natural for the unnatural. And I guess we must like it that way."

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