Saturday, December 31, 2011

Breastfeeding Resources for Mama's

Breastfeeding is very important to me and because of this I have been looking into the resources available to me. I am also cheap and unwilling to pay for a class to teach me how to do it...There are so many resources available that are free there is no reason not to use them and save the money.

Free Huggins Resource

In our prepared childbirth class the book The Nursing Mother's Companion by Kathleen Huggins was highly recommended. However, when I checked this book out at the library my first thought was "this is huge!" I don't usually shy away from reading a book but this just seemed like way more information then I needed at one time. I checked the book out but before I actually sat down to read it I came across an Enfamil insert in one of my registry packets. It wasn't about the formula it was about the importance of breastfeeding. I get that Enfamil is using this as a marketing technique and honestly it isn't a bad one.

At this link there is a 95 page reduced version of Kathleen Huggin's book. You can download the book or you can read it online. It has some great pictures and is much more my speed. Click the link below to access the resource.Nursing The First Two Months 

How Do I Pick A Breast Pump?

Like all major purchases I research the product. I like to look at how the product is rated by other uses and what are the comments that they have made about the product both good and bad. One site that I found was Consumer Search. They have a great page on what to look for in a breast pump. At this link you can also view a detailed report of breast pumps both manual and electric.  

I also found a site that gave suggestions on how to compare breast pumps. At Breast Pump Comparisons they only list the major breast pump companies but they do give you great criteria to use when trying to make your decision. They also have a section called User-Submitted Breast Pump Reviews.

I ended up purchasing a Medela Swing breast pump. This is the non-hospital grade version of the pump my doctor suggested that I purchase. This pump has worked great! It fits my needs and it was affordable. The Medela company has a great website and their products are easy to find. The best part of their website is that they have a survey you can take to find the pump that is right for you and your needs. 
Some Video Assistance

We are in the age of technology and YouTube is here to help. There are a wealth of videos out there so that you can learn how to make a proper latch or how to properly position the baby in different ways. The breast pump company Lansinoh has a really well done video.

Lactation Nurse

One of the greatest things that I did when my son was born was to consult with a lactation nurse. There was one in the hospital that advocated for me when a doctor wanted to give my son formula. When I was struggling with sore nipples my doctor put me in contact with a lactation nurse in my area. The lactation nurse held a support group three times a week which was amazing. I highly suggest that you find a breast feeding support group in your area or contact a lactation nurse. Breastfeeding was far from easy and it was great to have support from a nurse who understood and could help me through it! 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Free Electronic Birth Announcement

When my little man arrived I wanted to send out an electronic announcement...It seems that these days I don't keep everyone's addresses anymore but I have their emails...I found a very awesome eannouncement at . You have to register as a user on Hallmark and then you have to register as a user on Smilebox... but the results are very cute and very cool. It can be emailed, posted to your twitter, facebook, and blog.

I am hoping to use ecards  for the grandparents often so that they can get pictures of my little guy often. I particularly like that this is a free service!