Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nicknames for IV or Fourth Generation

Since we know that we are having a little boy I have told my husband that I want him to pick the name. This is his first born son and I know that is a very special event for a father. My husband has mentioned that he may like to name his son after him which means that our son will be a fourth generation of an IV. My husband goes by the nickname Trey in his family which means "three" in Latin. He goes by his first name at work. As a matter of fact I had known him for over a year before I learned that his first name was not Trey. The first time he took me to a work event I called him Trey while talking to his co-workers and they were very confused thinking that I was talking about another man all night...

My husband says that he has not yet decided on a name but I can tell that he wants to continue the family name. His first name is a rather old fashioned (Mama Frankenstein is a hint) name and there are really no good nicknames for his first name. In preparation for this I did a little research on what nicknames are used for a fourth generation son. I did not realize that having a fourth generation name is not a common problem. There seems to be a trend to stop naming sons after their father's at Jr.

Now there seems to be a lot of debate on whether or not it is a good idea to name your child to make them a fourth. There are some who say that this will give the son a complex that he is always fourth, that it is a very lofty name for a child, that they will always feel like they are in the shadow of their father and grandfathers. One of the stronger arguments against naming our son IV is identification purposes. A lot of forms, particularly electronic forms, do not give an IV option in the drop down menus. 

For us, naming our son the fourth is the continuation of a legacy of great men who have been wonderful father's, providers and leaders in their family and community. I believe that naming our son IV is the right thing to do and that we will raise him to have his own identity. We will still call him by his first name but all parents give their children a nickname. I am simply looking for one that fits his fourth generation name. If he feels that he wants more autonomy when he grows up, he already has a nickname he is used to hearing.

Here are some nicknames for the fourth generation son:

Odin: which means Wednesday and is the fourth day of the week. Odin is also a Viking god.

Quart/Court: this is short for quarter which is 1/4 of a dollar.

Jounce or Snap: the 4th derivative of position. My husband is an engineer-what can I say- he came up with this one.

I-V or IVer: These are phonetic plays on saying the Roman numeral. I-V would be said as if it rhymes with the word "Give". IVer would be said I-Ver.

IVey: You would say this like you would pronounce the names of the letters and it would sound and look like the viney green plant. I feel this is a much to0 girlie nickname.

Fire: This is from the Norwegian and Swedish languages which means four.

Tre-Vor/ Trevor: Combining Trey (the nickname for the third generation) and Four.

Quade/Kade or Quay: These are both Latin and Gaelic for four or the fourth child. This one is my favorite.

Delta: The fourth letter of the military alphabet.

Daleth: is the fourth letter of the Hebrew alphabet and the number four in Hebrew.

Four in Other Languages

Four and Fourth: These were also suggestions that I found online but were not so creative...I wouldn't want my son to feel like a number.

Quatre: The French version of four is pronounced "Cat". If that is too girlie it could be changed to Tiger.

Cuatro: The Spanish version of four and sounds like "Quat-ro".


  1. My favorite Fourth nickname is "Chip," as in "Chip off the Old Block."

    1. Some of my husband's co-workers have nick-named my son Quad (which also be four or forth) even though we did not name him The Forth...

  2. Thanks for this post, I love it! My friends son (a 3rd they call Trey) is only 15 but his mama and I are plotting his future! LOL.

  3. Any chance you could share a source of link that supports Quade/Kade meaning fourth.
    We absolutely love it & have been searching for a while for the perfect 4th generation name! Unfortunately, I can't find anything anywhere that supports this translation.

    1. Alicia: Here are a couple links for you.

      My handwritten notes from this blog and these nicknames come from a conversation I had at a Scottish festival and while traveling in Scotland (on my honeymoon long before baby) when I was asking about Gaelic names for 4th generation or forth son.

      "Quade" is a solid name in Gaelic (see links) for four. I believe Kade and Quay are alternate pronunciations for Quade. The Qu sound can be pronounced a couple different ways depending on region. Since it was a nickname these are spellings that support the way you would say it. However, I am not an expert on Gaelic or dialects of Gaelic.

      If I get a chance I will see if I can find the baby name book that I may also have used for in my research...I believe the book is in a box in the garage- so no promises =)

      Good luck, I hope this helps, and Congratulations on your baby!

  4. Much obliged for this post, I adore it! My companions child a third they call Trey is just 15 however his mother and I are plotting his future!
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