Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mama Cravings

One of the things I have found very interesting about pregnancy is the foods I have craved. I do not have a lot of cravings but I have had a few that have been completely out of the ordinary for me. I know there are a million wives tales out there about cravings and pregnancy, like all wives tales I enjoy them, recognize there may be some ancient truth, but ultimately do not hold much stock in them. Here are some things that I have craved over the trimesters.

First Trimester
  • Spicy Food: I never ate spicy food before I was pregnant. I very quickly started adding more pepper and spices to my food. If it didn't have a kick, I didn't want to eat it. My husband enjoyed this phase.
  • Bitter Flavors: My sweet tooth disappeared with my pregnancy. I found that I still liked sweets but that I rather eat them if they had more of a bitter flavor to them. This meant that I wanted things like coffee at Starbucks (which I find very bitter), Mocha Almond Fudge or Coffee ice cream.
Second Trimester
  • Peanut Butter: Although I have always liked peanut butter I found myself just wanting a spoonful of it.
  • Cheetos Cheese Puffs: Again a food that I liked when I was younger but haven't really eaten in years. I was watching TV and Snoop Dog happened to be on the show. In his hand he had a bag of cheese puffs and was munching away on them. From that moment on I had to have some!
Third Trimester
  • Cheetos Cheese Puffs: They continue to be my nemesis. I ration myself strictly though.
  • Red Meat: I still love chicken and pork but I find myself wanting red meat a lot more than any other meat. The funny thing is that I can't look at raw meat. It grosses me out to look at it. I can't shop for it in the store. I make my husband go and pick it out. When it comes to cooking it I have gotten my husband to grill a lot more or I make bake/broil it so that I don't have to look at it very long.  

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