Wednesday, September 21, 2011

There's No Denying the Belly Now!

I spent a good portion of my pregnancy looking as if I had just stopped working on my abs and was gaining a little weight. I actually had a lady at Destination Maternity tell me "You don't look pregnant. You just look like you gained a little weight." This comment did not get her a sale and made me wonder if it is more acceptable to be over weight in America than it is to be pregnant...

Around week 23 things began to change. The belly took on more of a rounded look and stood out a little better. When we when to Hawaii for our baby-moon I wasn't concerned about putting the bikini on (okay I was a little concerned) because I knew that I didn't look fat, I looked pregnant. As things progress the belly is becoming more and more noticeable and there really is no denying it now.

I have noticed that the belly bumps into things. I seem to forget how far it sticks out. The belly also peeks out under my clothes sometimes. Shirts that have always had plenty of room in them are now tight and some times they ride up and my belly shows. When I am in Yoga I am very aware of the belly, it has a tendency to get in the way and I have to negotiate it in certain poses. When I curl up in bed the belly is between me and my husband and we have to take it into consideration when we hug and kiss. The cats are even aware of the belly. They like to lay on the belly and purr. I know the baby can hear or feel the purring because he reacts to it by kicking at the kitty.

My favorite part of relaxing is when you can see the belly move on it's own or jiggle from the movement. It is a very strange experience to have something inside of you moving independently. It is unpredictable and sometimes the strangest of sensations. Late at night when I am trying to sleep, sometimes I will wake up but not fully and really feel my little man moving around in there. It is strange and fearful all at the same time.

Right now the belly is only slightly uncomfortable but I can tell that things are only going to get worse. My favorite outfits are the ones that put no pressure on belly. So far dresses and overalls are my outfits of choice...!

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