Monday, July 18, 2011

Online Resources for Pregnancy and New Mother's

So here are some online resourse that I have found helpful in understanding my pregnancy, the changes in my body, and the development of my bundle of joy.

All you need to know about pregnancy links:

Baby Center: You find answers to most of your pregnancy related questions.

American Pregnancy Association: You can register with them and they will send you weekly updates. I like that you don't have to navigate to the page everyweek it comes right to you!

Stretching Slide Show: the Mayo Clinic has some great online resources for pregnancy. This link will help to lead you to more great informative links.

Baby Registry Sites:

My Registry: Add items from online stores, Sync registries from other stores, and leave notes for your friends and family about the items you have chosen.

Babies R' Us: I really don't like the way this registry is set up. It is very disorganized to me. Unfortunately, it has jsut about everything you could need. Be sure to check other sites to see if they have a color option that you like better!

Baby Products Sites:

Bright Starts: I really like the InGenuity Collection. It has high online ratings and has come highly recommended to me by other Mama's. I have even had had Mama's make comments to me about the product when my husband and I have been checking it out.

Breast Feeding Sites:

La Leche League International: This link will take you to the CA chapter of LLLI. This page offers not only breastfeeding support and resources but also information about CA specific laws. You can find an area specific webpage to find LLLI events and information.

The International Breastfeeding Symbol: Wonderful topics and education on more than just breastfeeding. They offer additional links to sites about breastfeeding laws, pumping, storing your milk, and donating your milk.

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